Vergangenes Wochenende fand die bereits 29. Auflage des Ludum Dare Gamejams statt. Wir haben hier die Beiträge aus Österreich für euch!

Deep South Motel


  • Entwickler: Code – @iossif, Art – @leafthief
  • Beschreibung: Welcome to the DEEP SOUTH MOTEL! Your guests are waiting impatiently having no glimpse of the management and processes below the surface of a highway-side motel. While every guest brings income they will also get your rooms dirty. Clean the rooms to make them ready for the next customers. The more personell you have and bigger your infrastructure the more guests you can manage faster. Try to get the highest score possible in 5 minutes!
  • Link zum Ludum Dare Eintrag:

Sir Face goes Beneath


  • Entwickler: @wolfgaggle
  • Beschreibung: It is in a dungeon. So that is beneath the surface, right? :)
  • Link zum Ludum Dare Eintrag:



  • Entwickler: @scarfront
  • Link zum Ludum Dare Eintrag:

Beneath The Surface


  • Entwickler: Sabine Fantner, Alfred Stanzl, Lukas Tuschl, Jasmin Yan, Matthias Bruzek, Matthias Soria
  • Beschreibung: Solve the mystery of the lost kingdom beneath the surface and try to get out alive. Will you be the first?
  • Link zum Ludum Dare Eintrag:



  • Entwickler: Florian Rammerstorfer
  • Beschreibung: Beneath the surface lies a force that can be tamed by you, the Gravedigger!
  • Link zum Ludum Dare Eintrag:

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