In zehn Tagen, von Freitag, 27., bis Sonntag, 29. September 2013, findet im Rahmen der Wiener Game City im Rathaus die Fachtagung Future and Realtiy of Gaming – kurz: F.R.O.G. – zum Thema “Context Matters!” statt, wir berichteten (hier und hier). Nun wurden Abstracts zu allen Talks veröffentlicht. Diese findet ihr im sog. “Book of Abstracts” unter als PDF-Datei. Darin findet ihr auch das detaillierte Programm!

Allgemeine Informationen zur F.R.O.G. 13 findet ihr unter

Hier haben wir noch die einleitenden Worte von Simon Huber, Konstantin Mitgutsch und Herbert Rosenstingl aus dem “Book of Abstracts” für euch:

“It is our greatest honor to welcome you to the 7th Vienna Games Conference “Future and Reality of Gaming” - FROG13. Vienna’s annual Games Conference FROG13, offers an open international platform for leading game studies researchers and scholars, game designers, researchers and scholars from various other fields, education professionals, and gamers from around the world. The main objective of FROG13 is to explore how “Context Matters” in regard to questions of player communities, challenging or problematic play settings, game theory and development, impact of games, and cultural facets of play. FROG13 is jointly organized by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth, the City of Vienna, wienXtra, the MIT Game Lab (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and the Drexel University. The Vienna Games Conference is a key element of the “Game-City”, a high profile event bringing together representatives of the games industry, non-profit organizations, academia and the general public to enjoy and discuss the current state of computer games, digital youth cultures and games research.

FROG13 THEME: “Context Matters!”

The activity of play is situated within different contextual constraints. Games contextualize the way we play and, vice versa, our play recontextualizes the rules and goals of games; culture, society and history contextualizes the way we create and experience games; language and communication are situating how we play and what games mean to us. The context of play matters and influences the impact games have on their players, on our society and culture. The study of context and frames that impact play raises the following questions: How can we understand the contextual characteristic of play? What forms of contexts and frames matter and why? What are constructive or problematic contexts of play? How can we study context and what methods appear appropriate to examine it? What context does game design and development establish? What is the contextual impact of technology on games and play? What media forms contextualize our play and how are the converging? FROG13 focuses on questions, challenges and innovations in exploring the contexts of play – such as the cultural, personal, social, educational, theoretical, technological or historical contexts – and their impact. The organizers seek proposals covering all aspects of cutting-edge research on digital gaming, game design, game culture, game studies, therapy and economy within or across academic disciplines.

The Vienna Games Conference is a key element of the “Game City” roadshow and offers the unique opportunity for researchers from different disciplines and countries, game designers, educators and gamers to meet, play and discuss in the magnificent Vienna city hall.

Sincere appreciation and gratitude are expressed to all members of the Program and Planning Committee for their diligent efforts in effecting a most interesting and fruitful conference. Finally, we sincerely do wish all participants a successful and inspiring conference, a good time in Vienna and – as the gamers do – good luck & have fun!